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Tiddley Bee Honey Company is a Canadian Veteran owned business formerly operating in Port Colborne Ontario, and now being re-established in Queens County Nova Scotia. We currently supervise and nurture approximately 40,000 honeybees (and growing) as we re-build our colonies for a 2023 honey harvest

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We are pleased to return to Nova Scotia after 9 years away. We have a special link to this province and have found a wonderful community in Queens County – and specifically the towns of Brooklyn and Liverpool.

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Rebuilding Our Hives in 2022!

Nova Scotia has a very strict honey bee quarantine which protects local stock from disease and pests that are not yet endemic to the province. Because of this we have had to start from scratch – and have found several excellent sources for local bees. We are starting small again with only 2 colonies but expect to be back to our honey producing numbers by summer 2023.

We are always happy to talk about what our bees produce and what makes it so special. Reach out with the contact form below!

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