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All our honey and products of the hive are produced by our own bees, located in Port Colborne, Ontario. Products are available to purchase at select Port Colborne area events and markets. You can contact us to arrange purchase for pickup or local delivery or use our new (experimental) ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM to arrange for pickup or local delivery. Just click here: https://tiddley-bee-honey-co.square.site

Tiddley Honey

Spring/Summer Raw Field Honey
Ontario #2

Light taste from clover and spring

250g – $5.00
500g – $9.00
1kg – $17.00

Fall Raw Field Honey
Ontario #2 – Amber

Stronger flavours from aster, ironweed, and goldenrod

250g – $5.00
500g – $9.00
1kg – $17.00

Why is our honey Ontario #2?

Raw honey is never fine-filtered making it ineligible for Ontario #1 grading. Raw honey retains more pollen, more flavour, and is considered a premium product by discerning honey lovers!

More Tiddley Honey!

Raw Creamed Field Honey
Ontario #2

500g Jar – Temp. Unavail.
500g Tub- $9.00

Raw Creamed Cinnamon Honey
Ontario #2

Our delicious creamed honey mixed with cinnamon spice

250g – $7.00
500g – $12.00
1kg – Sold Out

Raw Creamed Ginger Honey
Ontario #2

Ginger spice flavoured creamed honey (limited supply)


Tiddley Wax Products

We now offer a limited selection of personal grooming and other products made from our amazing wax. Watch for our beard balm, lip balm, and other products at our next market placement.

Tiddley Beeswax

Yellow/Candle Beeswax
Sold by weight $.05/gram. Each bar is 120-135 gram ($4.80-$5.40)

Beekeepers Beeswax
Sold by weight $.04/gram. Each bar is 120-135 gram ($4.80-$5.40) – Limited stock

Brood / Dark Wax
Sold by weight $.04/gram. Each bar is 120-135 gram ($4.80-$5.40) – Out of Stock

Honeycomb Candles
5cm wide x 5cm high

Small Square Candles
3 cm x 3 cm
Sold Out

Skep Candles
3cm wide x 4cm high

Tall Comb Candle
5cm wide x 7.5 cm high

“Sweater” Candle
5 cm wide x 6.5 cm high

Beeswax Rose
4cm wide x 3.5cm high

Dog Paw Balm
50g – $10.00
30g.- $7.00

Repairs and Protects your dogs paws

Cutting Board Wax

Protective wax treatment for wood cutting boards, salad bowls, and butcher blocks

Lip Balm
5g tube / 9g Bowl
$5.00 / $7.00

With Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Almond oil, and Orange Oil, this lip balm protects and repairs while providing a delicious scent

Tiddley Accessories and Promotional items

Honey Sticks
Honey Dipper for liquid honey

Small Gift Basket
Includes 500g honey, 250g flavoured honey, lip balm, small candle and honey dipper.

Large Gift Basket
(Customizable) Includes 500g honey, 250g flavoured honey, dog balm or cutting board wax, lip balm, honey dipper.

Tiddley Bee T-Shirt

$35.00 Sold Out

Enjoy Pure Ontario Honey and Support a Canadian Veteran Business

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