What is a Tiddley Bee?

Why the name “Tiddley Bee”?

I started this business as a extension of my training at Niagara College’s Commercial Beekeeping program and wanted it to reflect my past in the Royal Canadian Navy and also the hard working and dedicated behaviour I observed in my bees.

A book written by a good friend provided the perfect name:

Jackspeak of the Royal Canadian Navy, A Glossary of Naval Terminology

is an amazing resource from sailor and author Mark Nelson. Published by Dundurn Press, the book had just the right word – one I had heard many times in my career:

Tiddley: 1. Neat or smart. “That’s a tiddley looking bunch of sailors.”
2. Something that must be fussed over. “Make it look tiddley.”

When you taste our honey, you will know that it was fussed over by the bees when they created it, and if you get a chance to watch our bees you will see how much effort and pride they put into their work. They are a tiddley looking bunch of bees to be sure.

Chris Radimer, Beekeeper and Founder

Check out Mark Nelson’s book:

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