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What’s going on at Tiddley Bee?

Welcome to June!

May was a crazy month for our Tiddley Bees. Like many other apiaries in Niagara, we had several swarms from our hives – but luckily, all but one was recovered and are now enjoying life as a new colony. With other additions from Humble Bee in Hamilton, and Krystal Apiaries in Waterdown, our little operationContinue reading “Welcome to June!”

Swarming Bees

Honeybees can swarm due to a number of factors in the hive and out. Most often it is the result of perceived lack of space in the hive and a need to expand the colony to a new location. With the early spring, and then cold snap, many beekeepers in the area are experiencing unusualContinue reading “Swarming Bees”

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