Christmas Shopping at Tiddley Bee Honey

This Christmas is clearly going to be a tricky one for most of us. Lock-downs, travel restrictions, and supply chain issues are affecting each of us. Some workers are putting in more hours in stressful environments, while others are laid off or working from home, meanwhile, no one really knows what Christmas and New YearsContinue reading “Christmas Shopping at Tiddley Bee Honey”

Reading Your Honey Label

In Ontario, honey offered for sale must have key information printed on labels.  Honey bought directly on farms is exempt from some rules, but anything available at markets, stores, or online must include the following: INGREDIENTS LIST:   This is printed clearly as “HONEY – MIEL” (miel is the French translation).  Any additions to the honey such as spices,Continue reading “Reading Your Honey Label”

Summer 2020 Honey Harvest!

It was a very busy time at end July and early August for Tiddley Bee Honey Co.! We completed our first independent harvest and processing here in Port Colborne after being hosted at Niagara College in 2019. The college still helped out with an equipment loan after COVID-19 delayed the shipment of the new extractorContinue reading “Summer 2020 Honey Harvest!”