Local and Curbside Delivery in Port Colborne

With the closure of farm markets and specialty food events, Tiddley Bee is offering delivery and curbside sales service in Port Colborne and nearby towns. Contact us at tiddleybee1@gmail.com or through our Tiddley Bee Facebook page to arrange delivery or pickup. You can also text us at 581-305-4101! See our menu page for honey andContinue reading “Local and Curbside Delivery in Port Colborne”

New Service Offered by Tiddley Bee

Tiddley Bee Honey Co. has just begun to service our first apiary management customer.   What is Apiary Management?   Imagine loving bees, but not quite having the time or knowledge to properly look after your bees.  This is where we come in.  With formal training in honeybee colony management, Tiddley Bee will help youContinue reading “New Service Offered by Tiddley Bee”