We have honey!

It was a very busy December and January for Tiddley Bee. Despite the lockdown and other restrictions, we still saw a great deal of honey leaving our home shop, and sold at our booth at The Mill Christmas market, and our retail locations such as La Dolce Vita Bakery, and Prudhomme’s market. We are continuing to deliver honey to customers in South Niagara and St Catharines, and providing curbside pickup in Port Colborne by appointment.

You can check out our new online ordering system at https://tiddley-bee-honey-co.square.site/. It is still under development but will allow you to see the range or products we currently have available and you can order our products for pickup/delivery and pay online if that is your preference.

We are only bottling honey in small batches in order to deal with the customer preference for flowing honey. Crystallization has solidified our spring stock – but it remains great for melting into coffee or tea. Our fall harvest is crystallizing as well, but we are able to melt it for bottling (at a safe temperature below 38C) without affecting it’s raw status.

Check out our site, or give us a call at 289-434-5053 with your honey needs.

Keep warm and stay safe!


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