Summer 2021 Honey!

Our spring/summer 2021 harvest has been completed with some interesting results. The majority of the honey from our farm fields yielded quite a different flavour than last summer. The crazy weather (early warming, June drought, July rains) caused some traditional nectar sources to fail but others to emerge. As a result the main crop has a much more earthy flavour associated with a fall harvest than our last two years.

Our ‘city’ harvest – from the hives at our HQ on Kent Street in Port Colborne produced a very different result. The trees and flowers around us allowed the bees to create an almost spicy/candy-like flavour that reminded my spouse of Christmas candy. We are going to bottle that separately a little later in the season- watch for it!

We are back at Fehrhaven Farms and Il Dolce Vita Bakery in Port Colborne, and at Cheese Secrets on Market St in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Please stop by and pick up some honey – or contact us and we will arrange to deliver (or you can pick up from our place in town by arrangement).

Enjoy the honey!!

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