It was a sad day when we saw the last of our Ontario hives passed over to their new owners. We were very lucky to be able to distribute them between three Niagara College Beekeeping graduates – who have been taking good care of them. Some of our bees have remained in Port Colborne, but others moved on to the Thorald area and a few are now in St Catharines.

Nova Scotia has a strict quarantine in place to protect their local honey bee stock from disease and pests which are not yet endemic to the province. We had to sell / give away all of our bees and hive boxes – and because our move was in mid-beekeeping season, it was impossible to rebuild our operation in our new home.

I was able to secure two small colonies from a very experienced beekeeper North of Halifax – they are now at our home in Brooklyn, Queens County – just North of the famous home port for privateers – Liverpool.

Our new property is a bee’s dream. The previous owner was an amazing gardener who planted dozens of outstanding blooming plants that serve both a huge variety of local pollinators along with our honeybees. It is not unusual to spot several types of butterflies including many monarchs, alongside at least 3 species of bumblebees. There are at least 4 nesting pairs of hummingbirds in the area along with beeflies, wasps, hornets, moths, and plenty of other bee varieties too numerous to list.

While we started too late this year to produce a honey crop – our two colonies are thriving in their new home and amazing us and our neighbours with their gentleness and constant activity.

We’ll be looking forward to building up the colonies and expanding to a second yard next summer… stand by for more news!!

Chris and Marla

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