Big Changes for Tiddley Bee Honey Co.

We have news….

Tiddley Bee Honey Co. is moving in  late spring to a new location on the East coast.  
Marla and I had an absolutely great time meeting so many bee supporters and friendly people, but family and the ocean is calling and we must answer!

I know I got many of you hooked on the delicious honey that our local bees produce and am hoping that a fellow Niagara College bee program graduate will be able to take over some of our hives.  The area has produced incredibly delicious honey and I will do my best to pass on a new local source for honey of Port Colborne area bees. 

Thank you so much to our retail parters:  La Dolce Vita Bakery (PC) Fehrhaven Farms, Pie Guys Bakery and Cafe (PC), Sweet E’s Bakery Ridgeway, The Beach Market (Crystal Beach),  Prudhomme’s market (Vineland), and The Mill Greenhouse Christmas Market (Gasline).

Also very special thanks to our beehive hosts:  Mark and Stephanie Toepp, Amy and Paul Fehrman, Lorie and Henry Tokola, and Jake and Wendy Bas.  The bees and I couldn’t have done it without you!

I hope you will continue to watch our page as we get established on the coast, and hope to see all of you as you visit another really beautiful part of Canada.  We will certainly be sending Nova Scotians this way to experience Canada’s “South Coast”. 

Thanks again and take care!

Chris and Marla 

Tiddley Bee Honey Co. 

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