New Service Offered by Tiddley Bee

Tiddley Bee Honey Co. has just begun to service our first apiary management customer.  

What is Apiary Management?   Imagine loving bees, but not quite having the time or knowledge to properly look after your bees.  This is where we come in.  With formal training in honeybee colony management, Tiddley Bee will help you to keep your bees healthy, productive, and conforming to provincial regulations.

Our apiary management program includes: 

  • An initial assessment and report – verifying the condition, safety, security, and location optimization of your colonies.
  • We assist you with registeration of your colonies with OMAFRA (as required under Bees Act)
  • Apply customer/OMAFRA approved seasonal treatments
  • Verify Queen / Eggs / Brood
  • Monitor for disease and pests
  • Apply seasonal feeding if required
  • Install new queens / nucs / colonies
  • Basic equipment repairs or recommend replacement of equipment
  • Adding honey supers as required for production and swarm management
  • Removal / Installation of wraps when appropriate
  • Maintain records
  • Provide updates and forecasts to owner
  • Harvest honey frames when appropriate.
  • Respond to safety and security concerns raised by owner, or host farm.
  • Move colonies and equipment within local area (South Niagara)
  • Advise owner of issues regarding the Bee Act of Ontario
  • Pickup customer required beekeeping supplies from Guelph/Hamilton along with my own equipment orders when possible.

We are offering this service to customers in the South Niagara region. The cost depends on the services you require and the number of colonies you have.  If interested, please contact Chris at




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