Welcome to June!

May was a crazy month for our Tiddley Bees. Like many other apiaries in Niagara, we had several swarms from our hives – but luckily, all but one was recovered and are now enjoying life as a new colony. With other additions from Humble Bee in Hamilton, and Krystal Apiaries in Waterdown, our little operation has grown to 15 colonies. That’s quite small by Ontario commercial standards – but more than enough for our team of one beekeeper, for now at least.

Despite the unsteady temperatures, many pollen and nectar producing plants are thriving and the bees are feasting on a range of flowering plants and trees. We’ve already seen our honey ‘supers’ staring to fill up – which will hopefully translate into a strong honey crop this year!

We still have a limited quantity of our 2019 harvest available, so if you are in need of honey, drop us a line, call, text, or email and we can arrange delivery in the Niagara Region, or can arrange for you to pick up at our international headquarters here in beautiful Port Colborne.

Let’s hope June is a little less intense for the bees, and we are all a lot less impacted by this miserable pandemic. Stay health, and wash your hands!!

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